Equipment applicable to both surface and ground water plants.
1 .......... Copy of latest edition of "Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Waste Water", American Public Health Association, Inc., 1015 Eighteenth St., N.W., Washington, DC 20036.
1 .......... Colorimeter or Spectrophotometer capable of performing various tests to determine the chemistry of both raw and finished water. Tests could include: Chlorine(free and total), Iron, Manganese(high and low range), Aluminum (if you use Alum), Nitrates (if you are in a farming area), Phosphorous (if you are using a orthophospate for corrosion control or dirty water complaints), and Flouride (SPADNS Method). A good colorimeter or spectrophotometer should be capable of performing all of the tests listed in addition to several other parameters which could be applicable to your plant. Contact your state Department of Health to determine the parameters required at your plant. Hach and LaMotte, as well as other suppliers, offer good quality equipment as well as technical expertise.
As required... Reagent sets for tests to be performed with colorimeter or spectrophotometer, EPA approved if possible.
1 .......... Bench type pH Meter, preferable with temperature compensation (Hach, LaMotte, Fisher, Orion and others). The pH Meter should include a stand for the probe and an electric stirrer. Also, a supply of pH 4, pH 7 and pH 10 buffer solutions should be on hand for calibrating the meter.
1 .......... Thermometer, -10 to 110 degrees °C.
As required... Alkalinity, Hardness and CO2 tests are usually performed using one of two titration methods (digital titrator and buret). The digital titrator method (Hach) requires a digital titrator and the appropriate reagent set. The buret method may be purchased as a complete outfit, (LaMotte and others), or the components purchased separately. When purchased separately the following items are required: Buret support with large white porcelain base and a buret holder for assembling and steadying automatic burets. Each separate test will require one automatic buret, with stopcock, 50 or 100 mL, complete with rubber bulb and reservoir and the appropriate reagents for each test.
1 .......... Balance, general laboratory, triple beam, in grams (Ohaus Dial-O-Gram, Ohaus Cent-O-Gram or others)
1 .......... Technical weights, set, metric, class C, 1 gram to 1000 gram, for balance calibration.
1 .......... Stopwatch
6 .......... Measuring pipets, 10.0 mL capacity, 0.1 mL subdivisions.
6 .......... Measuring pipets, 1.0 mL capacity, 0.01 mL subdivisions.
2 .......... Pipet fillers.
2 .......... Graduated cylinders, 100 mL Capacity, 1.00 mL subdivisions.
1 .......... Graduated cylinder, 500 mL Capacity, 5.00 mL subdivisions.
1 .......... Graduated cylinder, 1000mL Capacity, 10.00 mL subdivisions.
4 .......... Erlenmeyer flasks, 250 ml, wide mouth.
4 .......... Casserole, porcelain, 210 mL.
6 .......... Glass stirring rods, 3 mm diameter
The following items are required in plants treating surface water, or in plants using ground water which has been determined to be under the influence of surface water. These items are in addition to the equipment already listed.
1 .......... Turbidimeter (Hach, Tumer, LaMotte, HF, etc.)
As required... Primary turbidity standards. Turbidimeters must be standardized using a standard approved by your state Department of Health.
1 .......... Six position stirring apparatus for "Jar Tests" with variable speed control and light base (Phipps & Bird).
1 .......... Griffin beakers, 1000 mL (Phipps & Bird) or
Square 2000 mL laboratory jars (B-Ker2, Phipps & Bird

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